Font Manager

Font Manager

Browse, download and install fonts you love!

Using the special software Font Manager is the very easy and convinient way to work with all your fonts. Font Manager finds and installs the fonts you love just in two clicks! Nevertheless, it carefully treats existing fonts and will never delete any of them. With the helping of this program you are able to preview even those fonts that are not currently installed on your device. Besides, it is absolutely free.

Font Library

Font Library is shown at the left program sidebar. It contains "Installed" fonts and "AZfonts Collection" fonts.
Installed has three folders by default (double click to view its content).

  • My Computer - fonts that have already existed at the time of program setup (default and loaded from third resources);
  • Downloaded are those you will load from AZfonts Collection;
  • Albums are created by you, they will help you to work with fonts.

AZfonts Collection folder exactly copies fonts from categories at

AZfonts Collection contains free fonts and fonts for purchase. Each free font has download button against it. If a font is for sale it will have "Buy" or "View Site" button. In the last two cases, if you press the button you will be redirected to the site page at that contains this font .

Please make sure to view free fonts licenses: it may be free for personal or free for commercial use. The entire license text can be found at the font page in "View license and trademarks".


The software font library is constantly renewed. You do not need to download updates. You can be worry-free! Font Manager will do this by itself if your PC is connected to Internet. The software can operate independently. You will get "Your device is not connected to the Internet. AZfonts database will not be updated" message in this case. 

Find fonts

Please, use the search option at the top of the windows. Enter a font name in a field and click "Search":


It can be entered not only a font but a foundry name if known. An entire list of this font foundry will appear.


Verify that the font name you entered is correct if a message "The font you were looking for can't be found" appears. You might also use the AZfonts site search as it is more flexible and AZfonts's data is much larger there.

Font grouping an albums

Manage and organize all your fonts with ease. Firstly download the font you love: press "Download font", choose the right file format (OTF, TTF or PFB):


A message "Your font has been downloaded and installed" will apppear:


Create an album at the appropriate section. "New album" name will be given by default. Double click to rename.

Find your font in "Installed" folder list and click "Add to album" against it at the right sidebar. Choose the album you need.


You can create another one here ("Create album" at the end of the list). The corresponding text will appear.
Press "Remove" against a font to delete.

Purchase fonts via Font Manager

Every font with "Buy" or "View Site" button can be purchased. Click any of them. You will be redirected to the appropriate site page with this font at


Print font samples

Every font has an option to print the sample. Just press "Print" for this: