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AZfonts is conscious of taking and using your personal information.

This page is dedicated to Privacy Policy: how AZfonts collects, uses and keeps any information it has got from you. 

Please, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with AZfonts Privacy Policy.


The information type AZfonts asks


When you register an account or make purchases at AZfonts website, AZfonts collects information about you. 

E-mail address is enough for registering. You may be asked to provide more of your personal information for purchase: first and last names and/or your company name.


The information type AZfonts doesn’t ask


AZfonts website does not collect your credit card data or any payment system. On the penultimate step of the font purchasing process you are redirected to a payment system page; there your credit card information is required for paying. Even so, AZfonts does not see it or amass it. 


How AZfonts uses your information 


The information collected by AZfonts is needed for creating User cabinet, making an order and delivering your fonts. AZfonts also uses your data for sending you the latest AZfonts news. However, you can easily unsubscribe from news and events. But please, remember that your E-mail is required to help you assistance for it.


Disclosure to Third Parties and Third-part sites


AZfonts does not disclose any of your information to Third Parties, neither names nor even E-mail addresses. It stays secure. The exception consists of the list of foundries, which provide fonts.

Though the personal information may be necessary for a litigation or trial. In this case AZfonts has to provide your data according to the law.


Copyrights protection


These authors, who’d like to start selling fonts via AZfonts, should send font collection samples for preliminary AZfonts check and moderation. (Leran more..) AZfont administration takes control under the intellectual property usage and does not use these fonts.

If you think AZfont somehow violates copyright law, please send a notification to AZfonts using a special form (choose Copyright Violation). Such trouble notes are always being considered primarily by AZfonts administration.


Cookie files and Google Webmaster Tools


Azfonts uses Google AdSense and Google Analytics, services beloning to Google Inc. Both of them use cookie files for user behavior analysis.

All the data collected with the helping of cookie files is being sent and saved to Google servers. Google uses this information for making an advertisment. Google can disclose your personal information upon to law enforcement request (Learn more) 

If you still have any questions or concers please free to contact AZfonts team.