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The bulk of literature we read everyday is written with the helping of Text fonts. As in the case of Newsapaper fonts, the maximum of readability is required in Text ones. Requirements for Newspaper fonts are not so strict as Text fonts requirements in view of the urgency of the preparation of printing materials. As for the latter, intelligibility is not enough. Here, the perception not only of letters or symbols but also words and even whole sentences should be taken into account.

Modesty is at the heart of evey Text typeface. There is neither originality nor showiness in it. No letter has the right to stand out and attract attention. At the same time, letter similarity is absolutely prohibited. An astonishingly difficult task which at first sight appears so easy, isn't it?

Text font does not contain any unnecessary details, does not disturb a viewer's eye. However, it has a covert set of anchors, special details that help to identify whole words.

FF Meta, Brandon Text, Intro, Museo, Futura, Muller, Cera, Nexa meet the demands.