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Symbol fonts are established specially for using without text. It may be musical notes, traffic signs, tourist or mathematical symbols. They often are regarded as part of Dingbat fonts, but AZfonts identified them separately for added convenience.

Symbol fonts express or convey a meaning of a long text message with the helping of a small pictogram that is clear to anyone. These fonts have become popular among web-designers. Their advantages are invaluable as they retain all properties of usual fonts while images cannot do the same. Lightweight font files maintain their high quality regardless of the used size. This is perfect for the mobile optimization. Designer doesn’t have to zoom it in or out: he just replaces raster image with vector without loosing quality.

Of course, Symbol fonts have shortcomings. For example, they cannot be used for full-color icons. However, little effort and some kind of magic with color gradient and background can produce striking results.