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Display fonts appear in book and magazine covers, headlines, posters, advertising signs, etc. They make a short text the most expressive and draw viewer's attention.

Such typefaces are incredibly impressive, elegant and detailed. They set a special tone and have an artistic spirit. They often include some decorative elements or ornaments.

Display fonts are typed 14 point (deu. Mittel) and larger. Of course, such typefaces are not suitable for body text. There is enough frequently met practise to enlarge text fonts to display size. However, headlines with enlarged text fonts are in obviously losing position in comparison with specially edited titling fonts. Many text typefaces have their display 'brothers': Miller Display and Miller Text, Caslon Titling and Calson Text.

Bright examples: Bauhaus, Din Display, Frutiger, Intro.

Titling fonts are too individual, and it's always better to use them sparingly.