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Blackletter fonts imitate the handwritings used in medieval manuscripts, predominantly in Europe. It is customary to divide Blackletter fonts chronologically on Textura, Rotunda, Schwabacher and Fraktur. Nowadays Blackletters are used mainly as display.

Textura is frequently associated with Blackletter fonts. First appeared in the III century but became widely spread in XV century. Tall, pointed, with double bend and the lozenge shaped lines, letters densely cover the entire page. Capitals are angular and sophisticated. Textura is acknowledged as the most aesthetic kind of Blackletter fonts. Textura Quadrata, Gutenberg Textura Pro, Aeronaut, Carol Gothic.

Rotunda was introduced in the XII century as variative form of Textura. It also is an ancestor of Antiqua. Rotunda is characterized by lighter upper-case letters compared to Textura. In both upper and lower-case letters rounded shapes and a very small bend or it's lacking are prevailed. FF Ophelia, Typographer Rotunda, Brinkmann AH.

Schwabacher (Bastarda) was the interim between the first two types. It appeared in XV century. Most Schwabacher large and small letters are round-shaped, simplified and have double bend. Lucida Blackletter, Clairvaux, Duc de Berry.

Fraktur replaced Schwabacher in the XVI century and was widely used up to the early XX century. It is specified by refined strokes and curves. Fraktur has broken, complex forms and calligraphic design elements, especially in capitals. Wittenberger Fraktur, Breitkopf Fraktur.