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The high-quality web-font should be not just drawn. It has to be spot on, carefully designed, size-adapted and tested a hundred times.

Caution is required to ensure that a typeface is suitable for web design. First of all, the special format should be used. This guarantees the visitors will see the font exactly how you want it to look and not the default computer one. Secondly, it is also critically important to choose the reader-friendly font. Web content is written for being read, and experiments with its usability is not a good idea. Many designers seek out originality, but the relevance is the litmus test that designer should keep in min when making his choice.

The following fonts are considered as tested: Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Tahoma, Century Schoolbook, Trebuchet, Verdana (so-called "Web Safe" fonts, all common operating systems have these fonts, they are completely ready for use). The last one, Verdana, is the safest for human eyes. Furthermore, it is good even for small point size texts. A quick note: though Comic Sans is the web font, it is considered inadmissible among experienced professionals.

Nowadays it is widely regarded as a classic to use Serif fonts for headings and subheadings and Sans Serif fonts - for body texts.
The mainstream fonts are: Proxima Nova, Alternate Gothic No.1, Calluna, Droid Sans, Bree, Avenir, Fedra Sans, Ronnia, Museo Slab, Centro Sans Pro, Clarendon, Unit Slab, Tisa, Meta Serif.